Spiral kneader SNR 180 - removable bowl

Reference: 196

Kneaders SN can be used for kneading dough, mixing stuffing, various kinds of salads, as well as in the production of feed, dry and wet granulates, or pastes of different densities. - removable bowl

  • body in lacquered steel,
  • bowl, spiral and guard in stainless steel
  • bowl equipped with halogen lighting
  • belt drives - quiet operation, lower consumption
  • two-speed motor drive + timer

Capacity:  120 kg / 180 l
Bowl diameter:  75 cm
Power consumption:  6,9 kW
Dimensions (l w h):  150 x 88 x 129 cm
Weight:  726 kg 

Condition:  1 year old , little used,
in a very good condition
Guarantee:  1 month for testing