Automatic bread slicer Roxy - new

The bread slicer is designed for use in medium-sized establishments. It is equipped with two frames with a set of knives made of hard steel. The loaf is pushed towards the knifes by the feeding rollers. The feeder width and height can be adjusted as required. For easy packing, the machine is equipped with a bag blowing system. 

Power:  380 V / 1.1 kW
Hourly production:  950 - 730 pc.
Max. loaf length:  440 mm
Slice width:  11 / 13 mm
No. of knifes:  36 / 40
Dimensions (w h d):
1,075 x 1,430 x 1,745 mm
Weight:  264 kg

Condition:  new
Guarantee:  24 months

Price:  € 10,100