Rheon volumetric dough divider with rounding

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Rheon is an automatic line consisting of a dividing unit and a rounding station. The line is used in the production of various types of bread and pastries.

Processing procedure:
Once the dough is tipped in the hopper, the divider creates a sheet that is cut into even, square pieces. These are then transported to the rounding station, where they are rounded into the desired shapes.

Dough division is based on "Rheon's Gravimetric" method, which uses gravity to measure the set weight or length of the product. This method is very gentle on the dough and does not affect its properties obtained during rising.

Illustrative video:  Rheon - dough divider and rounder

Divider VX202 parameters

Sheet width - 1 row:  130 - 150 mm
Sheet width - 2 row:  65 - 75 mm
Weight range - 1 row:  150 - 1200 g
Weight range - 2 row:  75 - 600 g
Hourly production:  400 kg
Dimensions (l w h):  2345 x 1345 x 1969 mm

Manufactured in:  Rheon, Germany, 2008
Condition:  used - good condition

Rounder SR2 parameters

Weight range :  70 - 120 g
Hourly production:  2400 pcs
Dimensions (l w h):  1520 x 920 x 1640 mm

Manufactured in:  Rheon, Germany, 2010
Condition:  used - good condition