Cuppone Pizzaform - new

Machine is used for flattening dough in pizza making.

Pizzaform is based on a hot press system which prevents the dough from sticking to the surface and stops the dough from further fermentation. This helps to achieve perfectly even cooking results and lowers the final cooking time.

This machine is characterised by high hourly production. It flattens dough into perfectly uniform shapes each time you press and can produce tens of pizza bases in one minute.  

Main trates

 - high hourly production
 - stainless steel construction
 - five sizes of plates available
 - electronic control of the plates temperature
 - electronic control of plates contact time
 - manual dough thickness adjustment

Additional equipment- mobile stand with a drawer


 Cuppone, Italy
Condition:  new
Guarantee:  12 months

Price:  contact us