Dough divider P40T / rounder KALI

Reference: 007-008

P40T divider is an Italian machine designed to process soft
and stretchy dough, as is for making pizza, dumplings
or gluten free dough. It is suitable for small establishments
and can be used separately or connected to KALI dough rounder, which then moulds the pieces into rounded shapes (see video). 

Video:  Pastaline P40T and KALI

Divider P40T:
Weight range:  40 - 600 g
Hourly production:  max 280 kg/hour
Weight:  50 kg
Dimensions (l w h):  780 x 430 x 470 mm
Power consumption:  0.75 + 0.18 kW
Design:  stainless steel, teflon

Rounder KALI:
Weight range:  20 - 1,000 g
Hourly production:  1,800 pc/hour
Weight:  60 kg
Dimensions (l w h):  540 x 350 x 860 mm
Power consumption:  0.37 kW
Design:  stainless steel, teflon

Manufactured in:   Pastaline, Italy 

Condition:  new
Guarantee:  12 months