Universal dough divider WP Parta U 2001 - used

Reference: 056
Parta U is a divider suitable for all types of dough, including very loose ray mixtures. This high performance machine is characteristic for its accuracy, reliability and endurance.
Its dividing system is based on a piston suction principle which provides for a very careful and gentle dough processing.
Dividing unit is built in ni-resist.
No. of pistons:  1
Capacity range:  300 - 2800 g
Performance:  925 - 1050 pcs/hour
Weight:  620 kg
Dimensions (l w h):  1078 x 750 x 1612 mm
Power consumption:  1,6 kW

Manufactured in: Werner & Pfleiderer, Germany, 2001

Condition:  used, in a very good condition
Guarantee:  1 month

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