Dough rounder MOPOS VK-6

Reference: 142
The VK-6 is a unit designed as a part of a bread-forming line and is used to knead pieces of dough into the shapes of bread loaf. It can process wheat and rye-wheat dough with a proportion of rye flour of up to 50%.
The rolling happens between two belts placed against each other while each runs the opposite direction. The speed of the right belt and thus the intensity of the rolling can be changed. The right belt can also be tilted to achieve different gaps between the belts.
The machine is mobile and using the position screws, both the height of the inlet and the outlet can be adjusted.

Hourly production:  1200 pc
Weight range:  600 - 2200 g
Dimensions (l w h):  2700 x 600 x 1550 mm
Weight of the machine:  305 kg
Working power:  1.25 kVA
Connection:  3 ~ 400 V

Manufactured in:  MOPOS, CZ


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