Semi-automatic bread slicers MIDI - new

The slicer is designed for cutting loaves of bread into slices of 11 or 13 mm thickness. It cuts approximately 350 loaves per hour, and the capacity may vary depending on the type and size of the bread to be cut. The loaves are fed manually into the machine, so performance is significantly increased when operated by two people. The machine is equipped with a frame with a pre-selectable number of double-sided knives that can be either removed and sharpened or rotated to double their life.
The MIDI slicer is used in smaller bakeries, shops or catering establishments.

Power: 230 V / 0.75 kW
Hourly production:  320 - 360 pc.
Max. loaf length:  470 mm
Slice wight:  11 / 13 mm
No. knifes:  36 / 40
Dimensions (w d h):  700 x 730 x 1,250 mm
Weight:  175 kg

Guarantee:  24 months