Spiral kneader SN

Kneaders SN are designed to mix materials not only in the food industry. Mostly, they are used for kneading dough, mixing stuffing, various kinds of salads, but also in the production of feed, dry and wet granulates, or pastes of different densities.

As a standard, the machines are made of lacquered steel, parts that come into contact with food are in stainless steel. The bowl is equipped with halogen lighting for better visibility. The belt drives used in the machine ensure quiet operation and reduce operating costs. The machines have a two-speed motor drive and each is equipped with its own timer. An additional circuit allows the mixing process to continue if the electronic system should fail.

Kneaders with integrated bowl SN 60-85

Kneaders with integrated bowl SN 130-320

Kneaders with removable bowl SNR 130-500