Electric deck oven FORNATA Mini - used

Reference: 183
Five deck electric oven equipped with a steaming system.
The computer control unit with a touch control panel controls all oven functions, including the steaming and the ventilation or setting the lower and upper heating intensity.


  • compact dimensions
  • individual baking of products in each deck
  • low power consumption

Baking sheets 40x60 - 54 pcs
Bread pan 0,5 kg - 27 pcs
Bread pan 1 kg - 22 pcs

Deck dimensions (w d h): 600 x 800 x 170 mm
Oven dimensions (w d h): 1130 x 1450 x 1930 mm
Voltage: 3/N/PE AC 50Hz 230/400V
Consumption: 27,5 kW
Max temperature: 350°C

Manufactured in:
  2014, Kornfeil ČR

Condition:  used

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